jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Steve Conte. Rock And Rye Queen

He met her down at Walter´s bar
A little sheep in a wolf skin cloak
In her eyes were fading stars
She could not hide behind her whiskey and coke

It´s a mystery to me
How they´ve stayed so long in this town
Little sisters´s having twins
And they´re just having one more round till they spin
Breaking up tonight and tomorrows scene
Are lonely grey hours that lie in-between
They stumble outside, a red -eyed king and his Rock and Rye Queen
Yeah Rock and Rye Queen

They waste away the time 
Staring at the faceless young
From a perch of naugahyde
They´re soaking up the news if the TV´s on
Breaking up tonight and last nights scene
Were unemployed hours of big dollar dreams
He staggers outside, his one good eye on his Rock and Rye Queen, 
Yeah Rock and Rye Queen
Her majesty 

Come around closing time they´re holding on tight
He´s been around and she´s been down
Every day all the time Christmas eve New Year´s Night 
And they´re holding on the tight
Breaking up the night 
Piss away the time 
Stagger outside and they´re 
Breaking up the night
Wasted all the time
Stumble outside red-eyed with his Rock and Rye Queen
Yeah Rock and Rye Queen
Stagger outside red-eyed with his Rock and Rye Queen
He´s just a king with his casual crown
She sets´em up and they´re knocking them down Rock and Rye Queen

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