viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Cracker. King of Bakersfield

I got a double wide in my own merlot vineyard
I got plenty of space to park my dually truck
I never have to deal with LA traffic 
life is good they call me the king of Bakersfield

I work from dusk to dawn for paramount pictures
set carpenter and all around handy man
back in Bakersfield I got a sinaloan beauty
Life is good they call me king of bakersfield

We got wide open spaces
for my friends to come drink beer
we got a stage in the back with band
two stepping all night long

I got some motorcycle riding neighbors
we never have no trouble round here
all my friends say I live like a king in Bakersfield

Do what you want if you ain't hurting no one 
Ain't nobody’s business how you live your life
I'm a red state union man from California
Life is good they call me king of Bakersfield