miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

The Black Crowes. Welcome to the good times

De los Troubled Times de Screaming Trees pasamos a Welcome to the good times de los Black Crowes. Ambas bandas esenciales en mi vida. Siempre tengo presentes a los Cuervos pero es que últimamente los escucho a todas horas compaginándolos la mar de bien con lo ultimo que me ha proporcionado mi camello. Eestoy disfrutando especialmente con The Dirty Guv Nahs, Marcus Bonfanti y Langhorne Slim.

Pero siempre me detengo al menos una vez al dia a degustar a los hermanos Robinson. Nunca me fallan y como cantan ellos:

Did it make you stop and think
You're on the brink
And not to test you 'cause you
Don't know how far you'd o
Did you make a big mistake
You curse your fate
And you wish you could leave this life
For just one day

Welcome to the goodtimes honey
Did you bring your own parade?
Welcome to the big time baby
Time for a serenade

Did you say you lost your pride?
You tried to hide
But you're not strong enough
To ever get away

And it only goes to show
What we all know
That the tables will surely turn
For you one day

It should come as no surprise
Just realize, that when it all comes down
Who is really on your side