viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Demolition 23 forever!

En el especial del Ruta 66 de este mes aparece una entrevista con Little Steven. Siempre leo con detenimiento lo que nos cuenta este sujeto. El Silvio de Los Soprano es mucho más que el Pepito Grillo de la E Street Band. Siempre ha sido un tipo con inquietudes involucrado en proyectos muy interesantes. Uno de los que más brillo en los noventa fue Demolition 23. Según cuenta en el Ruta tiene intención de reeditar esa bomba que grabaron y que me fue imposible encontrar las veces que lo intenté. Ahí van Nothing´s Allright, Hammersmith Palais y The Scum Lives on. Yo a eso le llamo un inicio demoledor. Y no es que el resto desmerezca en absoluto, es más el nivel continúa igual o mejor pero tengo grabado a fuego la rompedora sensación que tuve cuando escuché esos tres primeros temas. Y lo escucho hoy en día y me sigue volando la cabeza. Esa es una de las sensaciones más placenteras de escuchar música. Si señor, Michael Monroe, otro tipo que parece cabreado cuando canta. ¡Como me gusta!

Born in the age of Altamont
Mommy was a hippie and Daddy was a drunk
They really believed all you need is love
While they we're looking for God
the streets we're runnin' with blood

Now there ain't no one to trust
you're a 60's baby
and nothin's alright
Born in the age of disco junk
Mommy liked reptiles Daddy was a punk
They said there'll be no future for you
They did too much drugs
and made sure it came true
Now you're really born to lose
you're a 70's baby
and nothin's alright

Born in the age of take what you can get
Mommy and Daddy was a TV set
All they left to you remember them by
Is some poisoned water
and a hole in the sky
And Russian Roulette sex
you're a 80's baby
and nothin's alright
you're a 60's baby
you're a 70's baby
you're a 80's baby
and nothin's alright

Do you want to hear the story of my life
Got no reason to go home tonight
I ain't complaining what's the use
It's just me and the boys and a pint or two
Telling lies about things we used to do
i ain't had no fun in london
since the hammersmith palais
new york city's boring
since the punks all went away
tokyo's gone techno
and berlin's going crazy
i ain't had no fun since hammersmith palais

Once upon a time the world made sense
Now there's nothin' straight enough to rebel against
Ain't been no work since '82
There's only one thing left to do
Make sure they know we've been here when we're through
Do you want to hear the story of my life
Got no reason to go home tonight
Well life's a drag and then you're dead
It's just me and the boys and a bottle of red
Telling lies about better days ahead

Well my misery's without company
My partners in crime have been taken from me
We used to laugh about our legacy
Couldn't get arrested on MTV
Johnny Thunders was a New York Doll
He cared so much he didn't care at all
Stiv Bator went to catholic school
Turned his sins into something cool
and the scum lives on
all my friends are gone
why they gotta die so young
and the scum lives on
Brian Jones and Keith Moon had style
Bon Scott was a problem child
Rob Tyner bugged the F.B.I.
Was Abbie Hoffman really suicide?
Jesse Helms' gonna live forever
Jimmy Swaggart's gonna live forever
Dan Quayle's gonna live forever
Ronald Reagan already lived forever
Reverend Donald Wildmon will live forever
Rush Limbaugh's gonna live forever
All the politician's gonna live forever
Nixon taught them all how to live forever
I'd hate to think it's conspiracy
No one's left who makes sense to me
The immoral majority adding insult to my injury