viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Solomon Burke. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul

As we journey alongOn life’s wicked roadSo selfish are weFor silver, platinum and gold

You can treasure your wealthYour diamonds and your goldBut my friend it won’t saveIt won’t save, your poor wicked soul

For when God callsFrom his heavenly home on highTo your earthly wealthSome how, no matter what you thinkYou must say goodbye

Then it’s useless to youIf you’ve strayed from the foldJust don't stray from the foldFor my friend, it won’t saveOh, it won’t save your wicked soul

The rich man like all, Oh LordWill be judged at that timeBut all of his wealthWill be left behind

For no matter how muchEarthly wealth you getWell, my friend it won’t saveWon’t save your poor wicked soul

A won’t saveOh, won't save your poor wicked soulOh, no, it won't save your poor wicked soulIt won't save your soul

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