miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Tom Waits. Way down in a hole

When you walk through the gardenyou gotta watch your backwell I beg your pardonwalk the straight and narrow trackif you walk with Jesushe's gonna save your soulyou gotta keep the devilway down in the holehe's got the fire and the furyat his commandwell you don't have to worry
if you hold on to Jesus handwe'll all be safe from Satanwhen the thunder rollsjust gotta help me keep the devilway down in the holeAll the angels sing about Jesus' mighty swordand they'll shield you with their wingsand keep you close to the lorddon't pay heed to temptationfor his hands are so coldyou gotta help me keep the devilway down in the hole

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Il Cavaliere dijo...

Mola como suena esta versión del tio Tom. Tengo que ponerme con esta serie. Ya lo estoy viendo....maratón de episodios como con quienes tu sabes jajajaja

Eh!, de todas formas espero que el título no sea indicativo de nada, no?

Love & Happiness

Jim Garry dijo...

Il Cavaliere: Tienes que ver esta serie. Lo estoy flipando......

Sex, love and rock´n soul