jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

The Rolling Stones. Let it loose

Who's that woman on your arm all dressed up to do you harm? 

And I'm hip to what she'll do, give her just about a month or two. 
Bit off more than I can chew and I knew what it was leading to, 
some things, well, I can't refuse, 
one of them, one of them the bedroom blues. 
She delivers right on time, I can't resist a corny line, 
but take the shine right off you shoes, 
carryin', carryin' the bedroom blues. 
In the bar you're getting drunk, I ain't in love, I ain't in luck. 
Hide the switch and shut the light, let it all come down tonight. 
Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger, 
some face you'll never see no more. 
Let it all come down tonight. 
Keep those tears hid out of sight, let it loose, let it all come down.

3 comentarios:

Mansion On The Hill. dijo...


Justo ayer por la noche me puse el DVD de la grabacion del Exile. Impresionante documento, por cierto.

Blue Monday dijo...

Pedazo de tema en un pedazo de álbum.

Jim Garry dijo...

Mansion On The Hill: Espero ese DVD para el Olentzero,ja,ja.

Blue Monday: Mi favorito de los Stones sin duda

Sex, love and rock´n soul